The Association of Specialization and Scientific Guidance (ASSG) is aiming to develop the social and educational welfare of the Lebanese community.


The ASSG was established in 1969, under notification no 498/69 and in 1988 was conferred “for public benefit” under the decree no 4857/88.

It is a local nonprofit organization that does not practice any political activity and respects all religions.

ASSG is offering to Lebanese students, aiming to study at the Lebanese territory and /or abroad, scholarships for university specializations and Higher educations.

Student’s selection is based on excellence criteria and ASSG social ones.

ASSG believes that students are the backbone of an ambitious   society. Therefore, strives to guarantee them all the necessary means to start the university cycle consistently and successfully.

In addition, the ASSG always seeks to maintain the welfare and care of the Lebanese community through the support of orphans and senior citizens.

ASSG tries to guarantee them a worthy lifestyle reliable and suitable to their ages and their beliefs


  1. Provides scholarships, between 60 to 80 scholarships per academic year, for students who wish to attend ASSG approved universities in Lebanon or abroad and specifically European countries.
  2. Diffuses culture and  enhances art through “Cultural Forum”.
  3. Supports and guides  youth, through “Tomouh for social development
  4. Looks after orphans within their families through specific foundation “Sanabel”.
  5. Looks after elderly through specific institution “Senior Citizen Assistance Foundation”.
  6. Structures and frames the ASSG graduates through a “Graduates Club”.